Cuticle Oil-Fall Scents!

Cuticle Oil-Fall Scents!

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Our cuticle oil is packed with oils and nutrients to benefit both nail growth and dry skin. Cuticle oil should be used multiple times a day as a routine to have best results. Conveniently stored in a roller bottle, Noodles cuticle oil can be applied right around the nail bed then rubbed in.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, rice oil, and vitamin E (plus fragrance oil)

Packaged in a 1/3 oz (10mL) glass roll on bottle.

Marshmallow, chocolate and crisp graham crackers

Aloe Vera and Cucumber:
Crisp, cool cucumbers, a refreshing splash of green aloe and light notes of citrus

Fruity Loops:
Strong notes of lemon followed by lime, grapefruit and sugar along with notes of lemongrass, verbena and lily.  Smells just like the cereal!

Apple & Mango (Apple Mango Tango Dupe):
Sweet macintosh apple, white rose, and pear with notes of juicy sliced mango, tiger lily and fresh greenery

Heavenly (VS dupe):
Notes of peach and orange, celestial water lily, mandarin flower, and sugared musk

Sweet Wisteria, blue hyacinth and white lilac

Sweet Dreams (VS Dream Angels dupe):
A sultry, exotic musky-floral type with top-notes of salty sea air, pineapple and black coconut, leading to a floral heart of night blooming jasmine, geranium, water lily, rose and star anise, and finishing with a driftwood, sandalwood and vanilla-musk base-note

Cherry Blossoms:
A green, floral fragrance having top-notes of mixed wild berries, mandarin orange and casaba melon, middle-notes of watery greens, rose, jasmine, violet and lush cherry blossom, and finishing with a warm, amber, musk and sandalwood base-note

Honey Bunny (Lush Honey I Washed...Dupe):
Golden honey, soft white musk, sparkling bergamot, bits of toffee, crisp apple and sweet orange

Cactus & Sea Salt:
Salty sea spray, cactus, kelp and sea moss and warm notes of driftwood and sunshine on a background of crisp, clean air

Rainbow Sherbet:
Creamy vanilla with hints of juicy pineapple, honeydew melon, and sweet raspberry

Olive Branch (Lush dupe):
Notes of lemon and bergamot blended with notes of leafy olive branches, sweetened with vanilla and soft musk

Cucumber Melon:
Ripe honeydew melon, crisp fresh cucumber and the juiciest cantaloupe mingling with soft freesia and white floral blooms, and sweet peach nectar. Jasmine combined with soft musk and vanilla finish off this scent

Apple Cobbler:
Baked apples, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg bubbling in a flaky crust

Pink Sugar:
fruity blend of cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, stawberry, fig leaf, plums, mandarin, lemon drops and raspberry. Ending with soft musk and woods at the base

Snowflakes & Cashmere (B&BW dupe):
Cashmere Cream, Vanilla, Frosted Clementine, White Tea, & Bottom notes of Golden Amber and Caramel Woods

Valencia orange, bergamot, wild berries, primrose, violet, clove leaf, purple lilac, twigs, and white musk.

Cinnamon Sugar:
Cinnamon and sugar with hints of ginger and cardamom

Sweet Pumpkin: 
Pumpkin pie with a touch of clove, cinnamon and ginger with a base of creamy, sugary-sweet vanilla

Caramel Apple Cider:
Juicy harvest apples pressed with fragrant autumn spice notes of grated cinnamon, nutmeg and clove blended with creamy caramel notes.

Cider Donuts:
Crisp, juicy apples blended with notes of warm cake notes, with hints of cinnamon and caramel